Chicken Assassin Demo to come in a few short days!

Chicken Assassin Demo to come in a few short days!

We have been sleeping 5 hours a day, skyping all day/night/weekends, working on art assets, code, game balancing and lastly having a blast doing it! There have been ups and d... no just ups. Since day one this game has had a smooth and constant progress. So in summary - there hasn't really been 1 second of work, it's been a joy to design and we are confident Chicken Assassin will be an addictive joy to play!

Within the first week of March, the Chicken Assassin demo will be available for download on the website! Feel free to drop by and check it out and leave your comments in our YouTube/Twitter/IndieDB pages.

One of the things you will notice is that there are hours of playable content for free in this demo because we want you to get the real feel for the game. Please follow up with us on your thoughts regarding Gameplay, design, art, ideas and we will be sure to implement some improvements if they make sense to us. 
The first playable mission is Fight Club, which you have seen in various videos, articles, etc. The second is unlockable in the demo and it is titled...The Grand Chase.

Please take a moment to experience this awesome game before anyone else!
Here are a few Screenshots of Chicken Assassin in the making!