Esgrima Path of the Warrior

You can now follow our Esgrima3 development!
Simply go to this link and check out on what we are still working, and what kind of adventures awaits you!

Esgrima 3 Development


  1. Hi, this is a great idea to follow the development of the game, this really great application, thank you ! :)
    Esgrima 3 looks really awesome, it evolves at any point, I'm really looking forward to play it !

    Is it be possible to know the approximate dates of beta open/close, and how will have to participate (if there will be)?

    I also have a question about pvp (which appears so far not on the application) is it will be more "thorough" than Esgrima 2 ?

    And last: Esgrima 3 he'll still turn-based fight ?

    Sorry if it is not very understandable, but im french. ^^

    Good luck for the future of development, Esgrima 3 is the game I'm waiting for more :)

  2. No dates so far, but when the closed beta will come closer we will let you guys know.
    And E3 will not be turn based, but tab target open world.

  3. Is there a way to get a notification when the Beta comes out? And will there be more classes? Still playing Esgrima 2 waiting for the 3rd!

  4. All the news will be announced here or on our twitter:

  5. Oh i see you guys are using Unity (Did you use unity for Esgrima 1 or 2?) Eitherways, best of luck on development and looking forward to gameplay ^^


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