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With September having almost arrived, the OneShark team is slowly but surely going back to school.... umm I mean... work.

Esgrima III is a large project, and since we decided to rewrite almost the entire game code just before the Summer, it's going to take a while before we can release the game.

But do not despair! We have something else in the works:

Legendary Battlegrounds (working title) will be a fun little mobile/browser MMORPG, similar to Esgrima 1 & 2.

It will have turn-based combat (4 player co-op), over 30 different characters to choose from, with many enemies, bosses, skills and items.

Esgrima III is waiting for us, but we feel that we need to create something that is smaller but still very fun - not only to give something to our starving fans, but for us to improve using our new game code with Unity3D.



  1. Cool, nice to hear from you guys. Any idea of release date for legendary battlegrounds?

  2. Cool as a new project, take your time with Esgrima III to make the best game possible. :) Do you have any idea if the game will be available in 2014 or 2015?

  3. Hey, is it possible to get news about Egrima 3 please ?

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